Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Personal Historical Note

Ever since I was little, I've been built like a swimmer, with a strong, square-shaped ribcage. No matter how small you are, no matter what your perfect hourglass measurements are, when the bottom of your ribcage is visually the widest part of your upper body (wider than your bust even) and you are so short-waisted that your ribs dip into your waistline, it makes you slightly unhappy when looking in the mirror... especially when you're wearing a 1950's dress with a nipped waist that's made for one of those gorgeous ladies with a tapered torso in all of those vintage photos that you love.

When I started collecting and wearing vintage from the 1940s and 1950s several years ago, I never thought about it - until I went through a bad breakup, lost a bunch of weight, and ended up with the smallest waist measurement of my adult life. Everywhere I went, people told me I looked great, and I was really happy with my self-image...except for that stupid square ribcage that I thought made my body look odd.

And then I quit smoking and gained back 20 lbs. I felt better in some ways (physical), and worse in others (both physical and mental). Now dieting is not something that I ever want to have to do. I'm OK with the concept of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, but I'm not OK with "Diets". I think calling it a "diet" sets yourself up for self-denial, guilt, self-hatred and ultimate failure.

Next, United Airlines lost all of my favorite clothes, which also happened to be the clothes that fit me. That was nearly 2 months ago and I'm unlikely to see those items again. What's left in my closet, unfortunately, is mostly too small for me.

So where does that leave me?

It leaves me wanting to lose the weight so that I can wear the clothes that I have, so that I have more energy, so that my quads don't feel like bricks when I rollerskate, and so I can once again love that fit and healthy figure I see in the mirror.

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